Ringmore is a beautiful, secluded village in the heart of the South Hams. Lying just back from the coast, it spreads part way down a quiet green valley that looks westward to Ayrmer Cove and the English Channel.


The parish of Ringmore extends to 1,128 acres and includes at its southern boundary the shoreline hamlet of Challaborough, and to the north, a group of houses at Marwell. Its coastal land as well as an extensive acreage of hinterland are owned by the National Trust, and a large part of the village is designated as a Conservation Area. The approaches to the village are narrow, winding and steep, and its leafy inner paths impart a sense of undisturbed peace and antiquity to the unhurried walker. By common consent there is no street lighting and, as yet, no mobile phone mast in this tranquil place.





Michael Tagent - Chairman

Richard Baker - Archivist

Mike Wynne-Powell